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  • The two way radio section (a lot of info about Various two way radio)

  • The Trunk Page (everything about various trunking systems (LTR iDEN TETRA SmartNet Edacs etc)

  • The digital comm part (pagers , D-star Tetra APCO 25 NEXEDGE MDT (data terminal listenning etc))
  • The cellular Paragraph (CDMA TDMA AMPS GSM iDEN)

  • Cellular Might be dengerous for your Health ? (or more accurate the effect of RF and magnetic on our body)

  • The Paging Paragraph (Pocsag and more )

  • The RF and Electronics section (df , fresnel Zones , Direct Digital Synthesys SDR Antennas filters and more)

  • Radar paragraph (Include Car Radars)

  • Internet Tools (Domain Check , Traceroute and more)
  • Free Services on the Net (sending fax , free dial ups , Free DNS etc)
  • The Wireless lan Paragraph

  • The Spread Spectrum Paragraph

  • Freeq Allocation Paragraph (Various freeq allocation tables)

  • The Rechargeble Battery Paragraph

  • The search place (IC , Patent , FCC-ID ,Files )

  • The Music section (MP3 Midi mode VQF )

  • The PC section (boards info , Drivers etc)

  • Internet Security Page
  • The Operating System Paragraph (Unix , Linux , Windows)
  • Various Recieve programs for Sound cards (packet , PSK , SSTV and more)

  • The CATV (CAble TV) and SATTV (SateliteTV) Page

  • Data Comm paragraph (ISDN , Modem ,Cable Modem xDSL etc)
  • Want to know how Global Positioning Satellites (GPS) Work ?
    Another good explain on GPS

  • General Sat page (Weather , comm sats)
  • Broadcast Paragraph (FM stations , SCA Explain and Live Stations on the InterNet)

  • Live Scanners on the InterNet

  • Ham-radio page (Rig pages , Modifications etc)

  • Interactive RF calculators (require Java)

  • The antenna Paragraph
  • Various components online data books
  • Various RF and Networks and comm Magazines
  • IBM Interactive Text to speech util

    How various things work (from Engines to smoke detectors)

    2.4GHz FM ATV
    MicroWave antenna book (require Acrobat reader)

    Transmission line attenuation chart
    Another Coax catalog

  • WorldMaps (various world maps )

    More To Come...

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