The Ultimate Guide for PC Hardware
Fdisk have excellent info on PC special hard disk utils
MotherBoard Home World
Hardware Page
Wims Bios Page
Computer hope have lot of pc info
All you wanted to know about USB

All you wanted to know about Memory (DDR DDR2 DDR3 rtc)

Cnet Drivers section
Driver Guide another place to look for drivers
This Place have lot of info regarding Video Cards (drivers and utils )

DLL file archive

RS-232 info and pin Diagrams

Avira Virus removal tools
Net Bus Remover Software
If ur PC hitted by the SirCam Virus ....
Test Your Network speed
Test yore PC if you are not behind a firewall and you use Fixed connection
Trend Micros online Virus Scanner (Detect Only)
BitDefeender's Free online scanner
MalwereBytes has good Virus Remove software
Eset Online scanner/Virus Remover
Test your PC security
Check an IP address if it is in a spam list
Open Source Network deal with Network Security and much more