What exactly was going on the so called "peace ship" Marmara ? see yourself
To all the "peace and humanitarian fellows" this link is for you (require facebook account)

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I would like to say many thanks to our Greek (and other Countries) pilots for helping out to fight the fires in Haifa

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As a person who live in Haifa I would like to thank to all the countries who helped us to fight the fire

who killed the ham-radio business in Israel (worth reading for the IARC committee members )(In hebrew)

Is outsourcing is good or bad ? read this article and decide (pay attention to the marked (in square)) part

To all who think Israels are killers read this

Try this flash version made by my friend Crazyplane and updated by MR Fain

This site is always under construction ...

Dont laugh about this picture I wish all of you to be at the place and time this picture was taken
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What I have to say about the Year 2000 bug

Few words in memory of King Hussein (JY1)

Some compliments I got from fellows who know to evaluate my contribution and knowledge (Unlike the Israel Ham-radios)

I will try to summaries some info of my interest (which is RF and Comm PC and electronics )

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