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  • Before we start , here are some distance records and other activities we have made

    Sept 2012 I have recovered the link (succeded to find one access point ) and the link is back as you can see by the monitoring map
    Oct 2010 I have took down an antenna that was broken in the strong winds
    While i was in the place i have discoverd afew radios malfunctioning
    The Direct Sequence radio has a broken connecor and one of the BreezeAccess unit probebly got hit by lightning
    now i look for replacement , these radios are end of life for some time and i hope i will find something
    if not probebly new radio (maby new technology) will be installed instead

    May 2003 I have just replaced an antenna that was damaged in the last strong winds
    Thanks To Meir (4Z7HBB) , Efrayim and Michael (4Z4ZT) for their help , Now the signal is strong again

    Flash news !! Nov 2000 We have installed a working Direct Sequance link
    it is a 72 KM Link with 24DBi antennas on both sides and give us about 11MB/s
    speed in avarage RSSI (Signal ) of -81DBm on the BreezeCom Units

    18May-1999 The 100KM Record test was made successfully

    Today the 100KM Haifa - Tel Aviv test was made and the results were more then expected

    The link was full quality stable (3 leds on the BreezeCom Units)

    We used BreezeCom units AP and WB with 24DBi semi grid pack antennas on
    both sides , no amplifiers no tricks

    This time I wasnt in the field and the credits belongs to
    Zvi (4Z5RP) and Mr M Dahan from Talcom Company
    who were the participating in the test

    I'm not the communication minister but as much as i know this is the most
    far link that exist in israel for any microWave equipment that time...

    13-May-1999 We just made it

    The Digital comm Group have made the most long distance link success
    few minutes ago
    the link is from Haifa to Hedera (south of haifa about 40KM)
    works fine with breezecom units
    this is the most long distance llnk I know that have done with
    BreezeCom units in Israel that time (include commercial companies useing this equipment)

    The credits belongs to me (4Z4ZQ) , Zvi (4Z5RP)
    and to Mr M Dahan from Talcom, we all were in the field during the setup and test

    So who said that ham radios in Israel worth nothing ???
    we did what no commercial company have done that time .....
    Think about it ....

  • For the Commercial companies

    You have a wireless lan cards/equipment that you want to test ?
    we are ready to make cooperation on a NON PROFIT base
    (i.e we can test them and give you the results as long as we
    will not have to pay for the cards we get , )
    you want to show the world that
    you have a site that your equipment is operating with it ?
    fine with us bring the equipment and we will serve as the "show off" site
    or any NON profit cooperations (we cant afford to pay for the equipment
    in cash money ...).
    we have a huge knowladge about wireless lan networking instalation and maintainance we
    can share as a exchange for any kind of sponsership

    The wireless network project explain

    Since the Symphony cards network has been shut down
    I have moved all the symphony info to another page
    I dont think i have to give Proxim advertisement on my page
    while i didnt get any cooperation/help from them
    This page will contain the BreezeCom info only with updated info all time

    The Symphony info page is here


    We have just finished to set up a wireless lan network
    for the ham community in fairly low price (about 250$ a user)

    It consist of two basic components

    1) BreezeCom wireless lan link (to Set up the internet connection from down the sea shore to up the hill)

    2) Proxim symphony wireless lan ISA cards who serve as access point and end user cards

    From the BreezeCom link we get a approx calculated speed of 150Kbyte/s
    which is approx. 1.5Mbps

    All this works at the 2.4Ghz ISM Band

    The Haifa Base station serve as an Access Point for all the hams in the area

    For the moment , from the access point the distant station is about 40KM line of sight

    The network distance is about 50KM end to end

    We have just upgraded the link units to the IEEE 802.11 standard

    We have expanded our network and added another network for Krayot users

    Jul-2000 We have shut down all the Symphony cards and now we have only BreezeCom units

    It is not because the Symphony units wasnt good .. we just happen to get
    BreezeCom units in such price that we couldnt resist ... as well as software upgrades and support
    I want to emphesize ... the Symphony served me for more then two years very well ... but Proxim didnt cooperate as we get cooperation from BreezeCom ..

    Aug 2000 , we got few units of Breeze Access for test
    It consist of two parts , 1) outdoor radio unit with integral antenna attached
    and an internal IF unit that get an IF of 400MHz from the Outdoor unit and have EtherNet jack to the PC
    I must say the equipment is more sensitive then the BreezeNet ones
    I got improovement in the signal with this unit compare to the BreezeNet of about approx 6DB
    As a result I got speed improovement as well ...

    my unit are the SU-A series + Voice (support VoIP and SU-1d + Voice)

    Sept 2000 : We just made a 40KM link with brand new Direct Sequance 11MB/s units

    I have got a BreezeAccess unit with Voice Over IP support
    It support the H323 Standard and you can call me using NetMeeting
    (which support also the H323) by calling to , it will ring my phone connected to it
    and if im at home I may even answer your call ...

    Here is schematic of the network
    Here is real time monitoring map of the network
    Login as guest and no password

    Thanks to the "photographer" from our repeater team here is not so updated photo of the antennas at the Access-Point

    The wireless-lan web server is on you may test it here.

    When my home computer is on you may try look into its web its connected with a BreezeCom Unit and uses the hill as a relay station
    You may try my home PC with FTP and look for some goodies
    Im checking new Acess point you can see it by telneting (or browsing ) to

    I would like to say many thanks for few persons that helped me in setting up theproject

    Meir S ... for giving us the place for the access point up the hill

    Meir D ... from Talcom company for providing me the two BreezeCom units ,antennas and heliax cables

    And to Tidhar 4z5ca , Nir - 4z7def , Uzi - 4x4cp , Zvi - 4z5rp and Mr Z For help

    The user MUST have an eye contact (line of sight) to the access point , (without it its a waste of time (and money))

    As for heliax cable , it is a must and i really don't know its price but remember RG8 or 213 will NOT work

    Antenna cost about 67$ and it is a 24DB semi grid pack

    The BreezeCom units cost much more (about 1000$ a unit)

    In case you dont know what is heliax , here is a picture
    Another heliax picture from Andrew company

    The breezecom info can be found here we use combination of BreezeAccess and BreezeNet
    Free space loss calculator
    Wlan antenna tools and calculators
    2.4GHz wireless lan analyzer/calculator
    Home made simple 2.4GHZ field meter
    Home made 2.4GHz power divider
    Home made 14DBi Antenna
    Home made yagi ant 36 inch long
    Another home made yagi ant
    Another yagi construction
    Colinear antenna
    A good online guide for wireless lan
    This place have some firmware and software for various vendors
    A good source for using part15 FCC wireless lan cards
    This place is testing the InterOperability of wireless lans from various vendors

    ieee802.11 tutorial
    WiMAX is the next generation wireless high speed standard

    SSB Electronics makes also power amps
    Another good source for bi directional amps and preamps
    Teletronics make bi-directional amps for 2.4GHz
    80211 planet is a good source for wlan
    Boston Internet Wireless Alliance have good info on wlan

    More details always come ... stay tuned ,
    Last updated 24 Oct 2010

    All right reserved to me Ronen Pinchook (4Z4ZQ) : ronen@ronen.org