The Wireless Network Project Explain


We have Just Finished to set up a Wireless Lan Network
for the ham Community in Fairly low price (about 250$ a user)

It consist from two Basic Components

1) BreezeCom Wireless lan link (to Set up the Network from down the sea to Up the hill)

2) Proxim symphony Wireless lan ISA cards who serve as access point and End User cards

From the Proxim symphony Cards We get around 24KByte/s

All this works at the 2.4Ghz Band

The Haifa Port serve as an Access Point for all the Hams In the area

For the moment , from the access point the distant station is about 40KM Line of Sight

The Network Distance is about 50KM End to End

We have expanded our network and added another network for Krayot users

Jul-2000 We have shut down all the Symphony Cards and now we have only BreezeCom Units

It is not because the Symphony units wasnt good .. we just happen to get
BreezeCom Units in such price that we couldnt resist ... as well as Software Upgrades and support
I want to Emphesize ... the Symphony served me for more then two years very well ... but Proxim didnt Cooperate as we get cooperation From BreezeCom ..

Here is what used to be schematic of the Network at that time

Now few more details, Every home user need a Proxim symphony Card , Heliax Cable and Antenna

Proxim symphony ISA Card cost about 150$ and currently support win95/98/NT and windows2000

For the end users , If you install Proxim on your PC you need to
make sure that you defined as a workstation and not other thing.
you do it by that way control pannel --> Network ---> Symphony PNP ISA card
---> Properties --> Advanced and then selecting station type
and choosing station (not server or alternate server).

This tool is neccessary for the end users with Symphony cards and windows
Pay Attansion !!! this software is only for test purpuses
it should be activated ONLY for test because when it is active
there is no IP connectivity ,, Be aware

An excelent info on Wireless lan and Symphony Card

If you have Linux , That info Might be helpful to you
Yet another linux Wlan info

Linux and Symphony info #1
Linux and Symphony info #2
Linux and Symphony info #3
Making the Symphony master/slave

More Details always come ... Stay Tuned ,
Last Updated 26-Sept-2000

All right reserved to me Ronen Pinchook (4Z4ZQ) :