This is the Software Defined Radio (SDR) I have build lately
All the details about this radio can be found here The SoftRock40 Page
I must say that while i have started to built it i didnt expect something so impressive
however when i finished building it and tested it i must say that the performence it give
is much better compering other "conventional" radios even that cost much higher
Actualy i have compered it to one of the old good Yaesu FT747 HF radio and i think it had a better performance
then the Yaesu

following is a Photo of My SDR
you can see the USB cable that connect to the PC (for choosing the Receive Frequency)
at the left side you can see the power cord (12V) and the plug for its I-Q output (to connect to the PC SoundCard)
and at the right side you can see the Antenna connector

As for the software that operate this Radio , There are a few that might fit
I use a software called Power SDR , it is a modification of a commercial software
to fit the SoftRock Receiver I use
The original Power SDR software screen shot can be seen here .