Few words about our good friend JY1 (King Hussein)

As part of you know king Hussein was an Amateur Radio His call is JY1

I am an active ham radio since age 13 (I'm now 39) I had the honor to hear JY1 talking on the Short-Wave bands with stations he talked like a gentleman without mantioning that he is the Jordan king , only said his name .

More than that , in days that We were not allowed to talk to Arab countries , when Israeli stations called him , (and Yes I myself heard station that did it (violating their license)) He answered them like they were his friends (although it was an enemy country)

He was acting like a "real" Amateur Radio that don't matter anything and any ham radio is his best friend

Unfortunately , these kind of ham radios are disappearing from our world

We have a lot to learn from JY1 concerning behavior And I mean especially to the Israeli Ham radios

I would suggest everyone to take him as a model for a real ham radio and hope that you (again I refer to most of the Israel ham-radios) follow his behave and start to be a real ham-radios that kind that help each other and not think only on their selves

I am very sorry that he has gone and wish my condolences to the Family

Ronen - 4Z4ZQ

here is an answer i got from Jordan in reply to my condolence lettter i send them
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