I useualy stayed Nutral in what is going on but after what I have seen
today on TV i couldnt sit quiet anymore ...

I have seen the Barbarian things that have done to our solgiers today in Ramallah
i couldnt sit quiet
here is what i have to say ....

Ok killing with guns and others is condsider ok as a war between two anamies
But there are rules also in war , one of them is that hosteges are treated
in a aproporiate way

I dont remember any time that Some Barbarian thing have been done to hosteges
since the country has made

take a good look at this picture and see yourself

Throwing away a person from a window of a 2nd floor outside ?? YOU HAVE GONE TOO FAR !!!!!!!!!

More then this , Our Country Never has done such thing to hosteges it kept
Im sure that other country would react more strong then how we just react

Yes , I know you will say me "you killed an inocent kid" and right away
point me to the picture , BUT , this kid was shut with gun ,, no one did
the barbarian things you have done to our solgier , take a look
again on the abbove picture
as i said , YOU HAVE GONE TOO FAR !!!!!

To the Arab Persons and all our anemies I say ...
In a war there are more looser and less looser.. no one win

The Israeli People will NEVER give anyone to do to us a second Holocost ,, NEVER

Remember this before you think of anything

And dont think we enjoy killing peoples ,, this time what have been done
was TOO FAR from the BarBarian Arabs Palastinian ...

As our Prime Minister said "Israel will Chase all who was invloved in this
Barbarians killings" and dont laugh of it if you look at the History book
you will see that We have done it before to ALL the Terrorist of that
killed our persons at the olimpic games at Munich , Germany

I just hear that the IDF (army) catch al teast 6 persons that was involved
in the linch in Ramallah , And im very haappy
I hope that they will have same linch so they will feel abit what they
have been done ,, and not will just go to jail ....

Here is the article (in hebrew)

And now after 7 Years Israel has just cought the last person who was involved in this crime

Here is the artical (in hebrew)

Thats all what I have to say .....