The Amateur radios worldwite have got the 44.X.X.X IP adress space for their activities

the hams in our country got the 44.138.X.X Adress space

In the Past we have built a country wide network with 1200 Baud later 9600 baud radio ports and last 2MB/s Wireless

we had 3 Gateways which gave the amateurs connection to the internet from the radio

we had Net/Rom connection and worldwide node connection via the InterNet

The whole system was working until about year 2002

Two main reasons lead to closing down the network

One was that I left my job as the computation manager and the main internet feed (which came from my work) stopped

The other reason was the fact that the 44 Net IP feed system has changed and the Dynamic IP system that most home Internet get now has made it almost impossible to make a gateway

In the last years the amateurs found ways to overcome this problem and nowdays it is possible to make a gateways from internet feed with dynamic IP

One more thing that happen is a massive cleanup in the AMPR.ORG DNS had done recently for IP adresses that are not in use anymore (and because we dont have gateway anymore all our IP adresses has been deleted )

Because the fact that my home feed is Dynamic IP and I can now make a gateway with dynamic IP I have decided to re alive the network and concentrate in transfering the network to the hams with high speed wireless netwok links

But first of all i had to return the routing of the network back to here

There are few ways to do it mainly using routers or using computer (mainly UNIX one) and a routing software I Choose the router system

So i took out of the shack an old Cisco Router had programmed it and .... hurray ... I have a Network

The Cisco itself (now its a Mikrotik that replace the cisco) is on (acessible by telneting to it or by web browsing)

It transfer all 44.138.1.x IP to here

I have some routing problem because this router is too week to handle all AMPR trafic but i hope to replace it with stronger router in the short time

UPDATE I have got a donation of Cisco 2851 Router and now all works fine I still have to do automatic procedure thet update the routing tables but it works fine even now ...

I have replaced the Cisco with MikroTik router it is smaller and do much more

You can see the live web camera that connected to the AMPRNET here

A real time monitor view of our network can be seen here (no login or password needed)

I have Written an article in the hams wiki pages describe how to setup a Gateway with Cisco Router You can find it here

Soon i will connect to it a Net/Rom and connect the Net/Rom with other nodes worldwide and then connect a TNC 1200 Baud Radio port for the Hams here

later on i will also add a 9600 Baud Port and also a high speed wireless link

Article I wrote for the local hams about AMPRNET and how to connect to it (in hebrew)

More update will come soon