Birth Place: Haifa Israel

Birth Date: 17-Aug-1964

Title: Senior Technician at Philips Medical Systems , . Here is my cv Or Here in Hebrew Word Format

Here is what used to be My HF antenna (VK2AOU/DJ2UT).

My hobbies Include : Radio Communication (Ham-Radio) , computers , music
My projects in the ham-radio included connecting internet to the packet radio
  • Installing Relay station (R-15) at Givatayim and R4.5 at Haifa (picture Below)
  • Making Wireless lan Network (picture and description here)
  • Connecting the Haifa Relay station to the internet (with Iphone) More details can be found here
  • Installing and maintanance of the Israels Amateur Radio Club Server
  • Providing Live Camera view of Haifa More details can be found here

  • Nowdays i play with SDR Radios and With Radio Over IP connecting the radios to the Network and operating them from remote (full controll (not only Like RPTRLINK or EchoLInk))
  • I also play with cheep solutions to get a high speed InterNet to mobile on the 2.4GHz
  • I slso play with new technologies mainly Digital modulations decode with SDR and Software on PC such as DSDPlus
    I have re activatied the 44.138.X.X AMPRNet Network we used to have long ago details can be found here
    Someone even think I'm an Expert in my field (see the proof here)

    I even got bonus for my good work see here

    Even the Well known Institute called "Technion" thougt im more then avarege (check it here)

    Here is Me at work

    Here is my car

    Here is me at action (maintaining our local relay station )
    Here is me installing our Wireless lan Access point antennas
    Here is another picture of me
    Here is one article I wrote long ago in our Ham radio News papar (in hebrew)
    I even have been at Geneva at Telecom 99 exebition (see here)